Removable Transfer Bench

Removable Transfer Bench

Use our removable transfer bench for assistance with bathing or as a shelf over the bathtub. This removable transfer bench does not require any tools to install it.

Image of a Removable Transfer Bench Seat

As a result, it does not require permanent alterations to the tub or bath surround. This removable seat does not require mounting hardware or fixtures.   Therefore, it does not need to be kept on the bathtub at all times.  With the beautiful finish and functionality, however, you may want to keep it on display.


Bathroom safety can still be functional and elegant! As with other transfer benches, the main benefit comes from the ability to provide a safe, elevated area to sit during a bath and being able to easily transfer into and out of the bathtub.  Therefore, you or your loved one can bathe safely without the fear of falling.

Style also meets function with our Bamboo Transfer Bench.  The beautiful walnut finish provides a clear color contrast making it easy to locate when transferring into and out of  the tub. The removable transfer bench also installs quickly with 3 easy steps.

Simply put the seat in place, slide the feet so they are in contact with the tub wall, then twist the feet to create the tension and secure the seat. Not in the right spot? No problem.  Simply reverse the procedure and relocate the bench based on each users preferred location.

Transfer Bench Features

Removable Transfer Bench Relax
  • Engineered bamboo seat with Walnut Finish
  • Sustainable and hypoallergenic
  • Seat panels are resistant to moisture, temperature and bacteria
  • Durable frame made of rust-proof aluminim
  • Pressure fit between inside walls of bathtub
  • Supports weight capacity of up to 500 lbs
  • 30″ wide by 11″ deep fits inside tub widths of 19.75″ to 27.25″

Buy a Transfer Bench

Please visit our online store to purchase a removable transfer bench or call us with any additional questions.  If you are looking for a white option, please review information on our removable bathtub seat.

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