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Resource LinksResource links and exchange programs are a quick and easy way to provide visitors access to similar businesses or products. Therefore, we will exchange links with sites containing relevant content to our visitors.

However, we are not interested in links with web spammers or non-trusted sites. Since these links could harm our site and customers.

In addition, we attempt to create unique, relevant content and share links with similar sites. As a result, the more useful your content is the higher the chances are that we will find that info valuable and link to it.

If your site meets the above criteria and offers products or content useful to our customers please submit your site to exchange links.

How to Exchange Resource links  

In order to exchange resource links, please provide a link to this site from your links page. Then email us the exact url of the page on which you have added our link. Include the title, description and url of your site. We will add your resource link once we confirm our link on your site.  And once the compatibility and quality of the resource link provided on your site are confirmed.

Please use the following information to add our link to your site.

Title: The Step Through Store – Do it Yourself Bathroom Safety Options for your home
Description: Convert existing bathtubs into an easily accessible shower with our step through insert.  Other DIY bathroom safety options also available. Grab bars, seats, curved shower rods and skid resistant applications.

Note: Please find below a directory of links available for your reference. Sites are added only on the basis of their services offered. Resource links are provided for the benefit of our visitors. does not recommend or endorse these sites or their offerings.  If you follow a link that turns out to be spam or inappropriate, please email us the offending link and we will have it removed.

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