Bathroom Safety Products

There are several DIY bathroom safety products available that you can install yourself to assist in making your bathroom safe.   Compliment our step through insert with grab bars,  curved shower rods and skid resistant applications. Or install any of these bathroom safety products on their own.

Grab Bar Selections

Grab Bars

We also offer several ADA compliant grab bars. Each grab bar is commercial grade with a 500 lb capacity. They are available in 4 color options and 6 lengths.

Install these bathroom safety products either vertical, horizontal or on an angle to a variety of surfaces. This kit includes the mounting anchor set.

Bathroom Safety Products: Tub to Shower Conversion Cover

QuickTub® Tub Conversion Cover

After installation of the step through insert you are no longer able to fill the tub with water. However, if you would still like to be able to fill and use it for bathing; the QuickTub® Tub Conversion Cover is the solution!

The QuickTub® Tub Conversion Cover was designed specifically to fit over the small or medium step through insert and seals the space so it can still be used as a tub. This cover is easy to install and remove, while also providing you the option to switch between an easily accessible shower and tub in seconds.

Curved Shower Rods

Curved Shower Rods

Curved shower rods keeps floors dry by curving in at the corners. As a result, these bathroom safety products keep the curtain in the tub and water from leaking out. This unique curved shower rod also gives more comfort by creating additional elbow room and showering space.

The curved shower rod is available in either a 5′ or 6′ length and available several finishes. The installation kit comes with everything you need including the hardware, mounting brackets and step by step instructions.

Slip Resistant Coating

Slip Resistant Application

With our slip resistant coating you no longer need ugly non-skid strips or rubber mats. Instead, you can protect the surface and maintain the original beauty of the material. Treat nearly any surface including fiberglass, acrylic, glass, granite, marble, metal, plastic, vinyl, slate, tile, concrete, and wood.

Unlike strips, mats or conventional anti-slip bathroom safety products, our extremely durable slip resistant coatings do not attract dirt.  As a result, you can clean easily with a mild detergent or soap and water.

Our 8 oz bottle provides enough for 3-4 tub bottom applications. It appears white during application and cures to a clear finish. You can walk on floors in as little as 4-6 hours. However, for the best cure allow 24-48 hours.

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