QuickTub® Tub Conversion Cover Medium


QuickTub® Medium Tub Conversion Cover

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For those who would like the convenience of the walk through shower option, yet who still would also like to enjoy the benefits of soaking in the bathtub, we have the solution!  The QuickTub® Medium Tub Conversion Cover was designed specifically to cover the medium step through insert.  Simply twist the clamps and seal the space so it can still be used as a tub.

The  QuickTub® medium tub conversion cover makes your bathtub more versatile and family friendly.  Multi-generational homes are able to serve the needs of all family members by combining the medium tub cover with the medium step through kit.  You can easily install and remove the medium tub conversion version, providing you the option to switch between an easily accessible shower and tub in seconds.

Basic operation of the QuickTub® Tub Conversion Cover:

    • Pick the cover up either at the ends or in the center under the ledge on each side.
    • Lift the handles into the up position and place the door over the step through insert. Take care to keep it centered as much as possible.  The conversion cover will work when off center. However, center the cover as much as possible to achieve the best possible seal.
  • Using both hands, push the handles in the down position.  You should begin to feel some tension in the handles by the half way point.  Quick and easy!

Caring for the cover is easy.

    • Clean the QuickTub® tub conversion cover with warm soapy water.  Use a mild liquid detergent such as dish washing detergent to clean the door.
    • Rinse with clean water.
  • If the surface is beyond easy cleaning, then you may need to use a non abrasive household cleaner.  Ensure you properly rinse the cover. Chemicals in the cleaner can adversely affect the finish or function of the tub conversion cover.

For additional information view our product page or email questions to info@stepthroughstore.com.