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Tub to Shower Conversion Kit – LARGE

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Tub to Shower Conversion A walk in tub conversion kit is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution for converting a bathtub into a shower.  Our Large tub to walk in shower conversion kits are for tubs with a maximum rail size of 7-3/4″.

While creating a safer entry for bathing with our walk in tub conversion kit, you also reduce the possibility of slips and falls using our bathtub to shower conversion kit.  Also, you can get back into your bathtub quickly and at a low cost using our large walk in tub conversion kit.

Especially important, this DIY remodel does not require any demolition or destruction to walls or tile in your bathroom.  First, you will cut out a small section of your existing bathtub. Then cut the insert to fit like a saddle over the cuts in your tub.  Finally, seal in place   With home improvement experience, the entire installation should be complete within a few hours.

Wondering if you have the skills necessary to install our DIY bathtub conversion kit?  You can read through our installation instructions before you purchase a bathtub to shower conversion kit.

The Large Walk In Tub Conversion Kit includes the large step through insert (maximum rail width of 7-3/4″), a cutting template, epoxy and installation instructions.

Product specifications for the Large Bathtub Conversion Kit:

Large Tub to Shower Kit

  • Use Large inserts on tubs with a maximum rail size of 7-3/4″
  • The large kit is 28-1/4 inches long and 11-3/4″ tall.
  • The top width of the large kit is 8-5/8″ and the bottom width measurement is 9-3/4″.
  • The portion of the tub  cut for the large kit is 25-1/2″ at the tub rail and tapers to 23″ at the base.
  • The height of the portion removed for the large tub to shower kit is 10″
  • The large step through insert is available in white

Is the Large Kit the right size for you?  Follow the measurement instructions or contact us for additional information.