Tub to Shower Conversion Kit Medium


Tub to Shower Conversion Kit – MEDIUM

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Tub to Shower ConversionDIY tub to shower conversion kits convert tubs into a walk-in bathtub in just a few hours!  Medium kits are for bathtubs with a maximum rail size of 5-3/4″

A bathtub to shower conversion kit can quickly provide access to thetub in a safe and assured manner.  Since the medium bathtub walk-in conversion kit works with your existing tub; it is much faster than replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower.  In addition, our diy tub conversion kit costs much less!

You can use bathtub walk-in conversion kits on acrylic, fiberglass, steel or cast iron.   A full list of tools and materials necessary for installing our tub to shower conversion kits can be found here.

Especially important, this DIY remodel does not require any demolition or destruction to walls or tile in your bathroom.  First, you will cut out a small section of your existing bathtub. Then cut the insert to fit like a saddle over the cuts in your tub.  Finally, seal in place   With home improvement experience, the entire installation should be complete within a few hours.

The Medium DIY Tub to Shower Conversion Kit includes the medium step through insert (maximum rail width of 5-3/4″), a cutting template, epoxy and installation instructions.

Medium DIY Tub to Shower Conversion Kit Product Specs

Medium Tub to Shower Kit

  • Use Medium inserts on tubs with a maximum rail size of 5-3/4″
  • The medium tub to shower kit is 27-1/2 inches long and 10″ tall
  • Top width of the medium kit is 6-1/4″ and bottom width measurement is 7-3/8″
  • The portion of the tub cut for the medium kit is 25″ at the tub rail and tapers to 23″ at the base
  • The height of the portion removed for the medium tub to shower kit is 8″
  • The medium step through insert is available in white

Bathtub walk-in conversion kits come in more than one size. To make sure the medium diy tub to shower conversion kit is the right size for you, follow these instructions.